What are the effects of Rahu in the 4th House of Kundali


The presence of Rahu in the fourth house is considered as highly malefic and harmful. In the Zodiac, the fourth house represents Cancer Sign and whose Lord is Moon. Moon and Rahu are considered as biggest enemies.

Here, the presence of Rahu is similar to a curse for the native. The mental state of an individual is denoted by this fourth house. Relations with friends, property, mother, home, and peace of mind are the peculiarity of the fourth house.

Effects of Rahu in the 4th House of the Kundali

The native is adversely impacted when the fourth house is harmful by the virtue of the unfortunate planet i.e. Rahu.

  • There is a loss of mental peace because of some or the other reasons.
  • There is diminished happiness related to the mother if the fourth house of the native is damaged.
  • There may be a serious concern related to the health of the mother.
  • The native with Rahu in the fourth house of the Kundali usually have a big family. The person is more likely to spend his or her considerable time of life in a rented property.
  • For owning a property, the native needs to really work hard as well as there are chances of facing issues related to property matters. Similarly, the native is likely to face several problems related to vehicles too.
  • The fourth house also represents the heart of an individual and childhood.  If the Rahu is there in the fourth house then the person is more likely to carry big responsibilities since childhood and also does not enjoy that phase much.
  • The person is likely to starve for accord and inner peace.
  • When the Rahu is there in the fourth house then it weakens the effects of Moon. The native might sense lack of happiness and prosperity because of such placement.

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But in case if the placement of Rahu in the fourth house is positive by the virtue of good planets, the native attain success in his or her life. There are higher chances of visiting more religious places and also the native tends to be intelligent.

Remedies for the ill-effects of Rahu in the fourth house of the Kundali

  • The native should not accept any kind of electronic items or electrical things from any person
  • Either the complete house must be repaired or the native must build or purchase a new house
  • Silver chain or silver must be worn in any form on the body.
  • There must be offered barley in the flowing water
  • The native should donate copper, items of black leather or black sesame on every Saturday to get benefitted from Rahu

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Mantra of Rahu

The native should chant the Beej Mantra on regular basis:

Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah


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