Sun in the 4th House of Kundali


When the Sun is positioned in the fourth house of the horoscope, the natives are blessed with the potency which is attached to the roots and the cultural norms. Sun in the 4th house of Male/Female will make the concerned native very defensive and protective towards his culture and different aspects related to his personal and family life.

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Sun in fourth house effects on marriage & professional life

The natives who have Sun in the 4th house of their Kundali would be engrossed in the family matters and will display utter devotion because they follow their culture honestly and carry the cultural perceptions and beliefs. Natives are also blessed with good results in finance, profession, marriage, etc. Some of the natives may even permanently settle in abroad on the basis of Sun in the 4th house marriage or Sun in the 4th house profession chances. The natives always envisage such a future where their near and dear ones are safe and secure. That’s why they behave very defensively at work which in the ideal conditions they should not. The people who have Sun in the 4th house of their Kundali are very growth oriented, and hence their life gets better and improves with the time. Their early days can be full of struggle, and they will live a peaceful and satisfied life because they will be immensely calm from within.

The position of the Sun in the 4th house will shower the native with a lot of money which will make him/her affluent and the coming generation will also enjoy the wealth. Besides this, if Moon is also present along with the Sun in the 4th house, then it will reap good rewards from the new researches.

Positive sides of the planetary position

  1. When the Sun is present in the 4th house of the horoscope, it is the symbol of success in the foreign country or the place which is far off from the native place.
  2. It also signifies that native will be bestowed with an inherited property. It’s a different story if the native may enjoy or not enjoy this property.
  3. The position of the Sun in the 4th house also signifies excellent reputation in the social circles and success after the middle age.
  4. The native who has Sun in the  4th house of his/her Kundali is capable of giving blood and heart for his/her relatives. If the position is benefic then it will shower the native with happiness, name & fame, and respect from the government.
  5. The position of the Sun in 4th house will reduce the ill effects to a great extent, but the mental peace would be disturbed first.

Negative sides of the Planetary position

  1. The 4th house is meant for mental peace and hence the placement of the Sun may cause unhappiness, mental agony, conflicts, disagreements, quarrels and will also make the native jealous and hate others.
  2. Due to the position of the Sun in 4th house, the native will become weak from inside and will appear strong in the the outside appearance.
  3. The native due to the position of the Sun may become covetous and may follow a path of immoral activities like theft.

From the overall perspective, Sun in the 4th house of the Kundali will offer enormous benefits to the natives and at the same time may impose certain challenges. Know how the positioning of various planets in your horoscope can affect your life by getting a complete Janam Kundali Analysis by renowned astrologers.

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