Saturn in 4th House of Kundali


Meaning of Saturn in the 4th House of Natal Chart

The placement of various planets in different houses of the birth chart has a diverse set of impact on the life of the natives. To know in detail the actual impact that is caused due to the specific planetary arrangement, there is a need to understand the importance of Kundli and go for free Janam Kundli analysis. Such analysis helps in getting the insights of the past, present, and future events and also save oneself from unnecessary troubles.

Saturn in 4th house of kundali effects on marriage & personal Life

The fourth house of the natal chart of the native denotes a lot more about the individual comprising mother, property, family, domestic life and various other aspects. When Saturn is placed in the fourth house of the birth chart then it creates a lot of difficulties for the native. The planetary arrangement is not regarded as favorable for the individuals. The natives are likely to be deprived of happiness in their early life or childhood. They are likely to face a lot of suffering and problems at their young age which will make them a person having a rigid attitude. The natives will get mature and responsible during their teenage only and would remain too serious in all the endeavors of their life.

Placement of Saturn in the fourth house of career makes the natives inclined towards doing their own business instead of getting into a job. But the natives might experience failures, losses and even have to change their business line because of continuous obstacles. But they are likely to achieve success in their career after the age of 35 years. The natives might have their involvement in the field such as mines, farming, land of any other inherent property. The individuals are likely to earn wealth by dealing in the above-mentioned fields.

The positioning of Saturn in the 4th house of the male natives makes them inclined towards, heritage, culture, traditions, antique things and historical aspects. Such natives refrain themselves from adopting any sort of change and thus remain stable and firm on things. And when Saturn is placed in the 4th house of the female’s birth chart then they are likely to learn a lot from their mistakes. They have a tendency to analyze more and speak less and therefore they have their own views regarding everything. They are likely to become great mothers who offer every possible comfort to their children.

Negative Aspects of the
Saturn in 4th house of Janam Kundli

  • The natives are likely to face numerous challenges and miseries in their childhood
  • The individuals might live their entire life in limitations and restrictions
  • They are likely to face poverty and poor economic conditions in their young age

Remedies for the Ill effects of the planet in Janam Kundli

  • The natives must offer rice to the crows as well as serve the buffalos
  • The individuals are required to donate a black blanket, copper, black leather and black sesame to an old and poor person on Saturdays
  • Visit the temple of Shani Devta every Saturday

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