Saturn in 1st House of kundli


How Saturn in 1st House Affects Our Life?

The first house represents the personality and appearance of an individual and thus the positioning of Saturn in the first house is highly significant. Planet Saturn is regarded as one of the most malefic planets which can cause discomfort in the lives of the individuals. Saturn symbolizes truth and justice but its placement in a particular house for a longer time period is regarded unfortunate.

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Saturn in 1st House of Kundali Effects on Career & Professional Life

Saturn, on one hand, is one of the most rewarding and auspicious planets for the people who are true and realistic but at the same time, it creates havoc in the lives of those who are dishonest. As per the Hindu Astrology, Saturn is revered as a fierce as well as an influential planet. It denotes several aspects of life such as discipline, hurdles, conscience, and stability. Placement of Saturn in the first house of career proves to be quite beneficial as it enhances determination and honesty among the individuals which ultimately improve the work and also help the native to grow and attain new heights in their professional life.

Saturn in 1st House of Kundali Effects on Personal Life

The positioning of Saturn in the first house of the birth chart offers a serious, quiet, controlled and introvert attitude to its natives.  The individuals are likely to be very much dutiful and honest at their work. And, their determination and sense of worth would push them towards success. Such individuals usually remain pessimistic when it’s about their professional or future endeavors.

Effect of Saturn on Male and Female Janam Kundali

The presence of Saturn in the 1st house of the male individuals results in the development of harsh and serious behavioral traits. The natives tend to become inflexible in nature whereas the positioning of Saturn in the 1st house of the female individuals offers them the conscientiousness to analyze things in a more effective manner and also improve their responsibility towards work and family.

Negative aspects of Saturn in the 1st house

Saturn in the first house not only create obstacles and issues for the native but also develops rigidness in the nature of the individual. They are likely to experience a lot of troubles. difficulties, and nervousness as well as they may live in solitude. They might experience continuous delays in all their endeavors and also the education would also be negatively impacted. Natives might also have to suffer a lot of problems and domestic chaos in their marriage which may further lead to separation or divorce. Such individuals also remain restless and often lose their morale and feel depressed.

Remedies for Saturn in the 1st House

To overcome the ill-effects of Saturn, the natives can practice the following remedies:

  • During the phase when Saturn is placed in the first house, the natives must refrain themselves from consuming non-vegetarian food products and alcohol as it enhances Saturn’s malefic effects.
  • The natives must offer jaggery or bananas to the monkeys to nullify the negative impacts of the planet.
  • Donation of black leather, copper, black-colored blanket and black sesame seeds on Saturdays is quite beneficial to eliminate the evil aspects of Saturn.
  • The natives must also worship and offer prayers to Shani Dev on every Saturday.

Mantra for SaturnTo ward off the malefic and ill-effects of Saturn, the most powerful source is to recite this sacred Mantra 108 times in a row:  ‘Om Praam Preem Proum Sah Shanaishcharaye Namah

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