Moon in 4th House of Kundali


Moon in the 4th House of Birth Chart: Meaning and Impact

The fourth house of the birth chart represents mental peace, mother, possessions, domestic life, property and the family of the native. It becomes significant to go for Kundli analysis to understand the positioning of the various planets in the natal chart.

Moon in the 4th House effects on Personal life

When the placement of the Moon is in the fourth house of the birth chart then it clearly shows that the native would be very close and attached to his or her mother. The connection with the native place would also be very strong and inseparable. Both heritage and traditions, as well as family, is much important for these individuals. If there is any sort of imbalance or stress that exists in the domestic life then the native gets highly influenced by all such aspects and it makes them all distressed and unhappy.

Moon in the 4th House effects on Professional life

Placement of the Moon in the fourth house of career makes the natives inclined towards social work and they are much likely to take it as their profession. They can either become a social activist or indulge in providing social services to the needy. The natives are emotionally stable and possess a lot of empathy. Hence, they like to serve others with all their efforts and are also likely to gain much recognition in social work.

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Moon in the 4th house effects on Male/Female

Presence of Moon in the 4th house of the male natives makes them highly intuitive and they like to work as per their intuitions only. These natives struggle because of their constant insecurities. They are highly fluctuating when it comes to their responses based on emotions. And when Moon is in the 4th house of the female natives then they love to spend most of their time with their family. They like to work but only if it offers them a chance to work from home only. Such individuals are likely to become successful freelancers.

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Positive aspects of the planet

  • The placement of Moon in the fourth house makes the natives nurturing and caring individuals.
  • The financial position of the natives would be strong as well as there are chances of higher studies too.
  • The natives would earn good income and wealth

Negative Aspects of the planet

  • There might be some sort of difficulties in the marriage of the native which can cause delayed marriage or divorce.
  • Under the malefic effects, the individuals might feel emotionally weak and may not able to do good in their profession.
  • There would be a lot of expenditure which will cause a decrease in the overall wealth of the native.

Remedies for the Ill effects of the planet

  • Avoid preparation of khoya by burning of milk and also refrain from the selling of milk to attain profit
  • Refrain from indulging in any activity related to flirting or adultery
  • Place a jar of milk in the house before initiating with any auspicious work.
  • The natives must visit the holy places or the pilgrims with their grandfather in order to seek maximum blessings of the deities.


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