Kundli Software Free Download

Kundli is an astrological chart that depicts the positioning of the heavenly bodies comprising the stars and the planets at a specific time. Birth Chart or Janam Kundli made with Kundli software is similar to the natal chart prepared by a Vedic astrologer on the basis of time, place and date of birth of an individual.

Features of Kundli Software

  • Generating Janam Kundli

The main and the primary feature of Kundli Software is to generate Janam Kundli which is based on the birthplace, time of birth and date of birth of an individual.

  • Kundli Matching

With the Kundli software free download, Kundli matching can be performed between the prospective grooms and brides usually called as Kundli Milan in Hindu Vedic Astrology.

  • Panchanga forecast

Janam Kundali software free download full version also offers you with Panchangam predictions and forecasts based upon the Nithya yoga, tithi, Karana yoga, birth star and weekdays.

  • Available in Hindi and English

There is a wide and extended reach of Kundli software as it is available in both English and Hindi language. You can also have Kundli software free download in Hindi as well.

  • Bhava Predictions

Kundli software provides you with an analysis of all 12 Bhavas and makes predictions related to an individual’s education, health, family, status, wealth, marriage, personality, career and relationships.

  • North Indian Chart Style

The Kundli software generates Kundli report in the North Indian regional chart style.

  • Yogas and their Impacts

Kundli software free download also offers you with a complete analysis of the Janam Kundli in order to find the various planetary arrangements and combinations which makes different yogas and also show their impact on the life of the native.

  • Apahara and Dasa Predictions

It provides you with the starting and ending time of different Apaharas and Dasas in the life of the native-based upon effective calculations. Kundli software also gives predictions on each Aphara as well as Dasa.

  • Technical Features

Kundli software is free and safe to download as it does not harm your data and privacy in any sense. You can get the latest version of Kundli software which is compatible with all versions of Windows and it is highly based upon the user’s choice.

What is Free Kundli software?

Kundli is regarded as the foundation of Vedic Astrology. In literal and technical aspects, Kundli is considered as the pictorial presentation of stars and the planets at a specific time and date. When that particular time and date coincides with the birth date and time of an individual then there is a formation of Birth Chart or Janam Kundli. The Janam Kundali software provides an individual with his or her Janam Kundli by which planetary positioning and their effects can be known.

How working of Kundli software takes place?

Janam Kundli of a person is formed on the basis of the planetary positions during the time of birth. The specific and unique positioning of the stars and the planets at a particular date, place and time are the essentials for generating a Janam Kundli. The Free Kundli software provide you with your Janam Kundli prepared on the given place, time and date of your birth. On the basis of the details provided by the individual, the software automatically calculates and generate the birth chart. After that, it performs the analysis and interpretation of the Janam Kundli and offers you a detailed and full version of the Kundli report.

What is the main purpose behind Janam Kundli making?

In almost all the states and regions of India, when a baby is born, the family members make a quick Kundli of the baby which is known as a birth chart, Teepna, natal chart or Tewa. If in the formation of Janam Kundli, any dosha is found like Kaal Sarp Dosha, Mangal dosh, etc. then remedies are suggested to eliminate the dosha or reduce its negative effects.

Later, a detailed Kundli analysis is performed and a detailed chart is prepared which is based upon several predictions and calculations such as Dasha, Apahara, Yoga, etc.

In ancient times, Indian astrologers used Panchang in order to calculate the positions of the planets which is being replaced with the most effective, accurate and adequate computer software like Free Kundli Software. You can get an online Kundli with the help of Kundli software absolutely Free.

In what manner Kundali matching software works?

Kundli Milan or Kundli matching is one of the most essential and primary steps before solemnizing a traditional Hindu marriage. In Kundli matching, the individual horoscope of the prospective groom and bride are analyzed, studied and then compared with each other’s horoscope to know whether the alliance formed is compatible for marriage or not.

In the present time, you can use free Kundli matching software for matching the Kundlis as well. It is a very simple procedure where you just need to fill in the details such as place, date and time of birth of both the girl and the boy in the software. As a result, it will give you an accurate Kundli matching report. The Kundli software will first generate the individual horoscope of the girl and the boy and then make a comparison and offer a score which shows the compatibility level between the boy and the girl.

For analyzing, the birth chart and compatibility level, the Kundli software uses various astrology based parameters such as checking the Dasha sandhi, Manglik dosha, Nadi dosha etc.  On the basis of the scores obtained, the Kundli software will tell whether the alliance of the girl and the boy is compatible or not.

Can we know about the Ketu and Rahu dosh predictions with the Kundli software?

Yes, why not! The free Kundli software for sure provides you with predictions related to the Ketu and Rahu dosha. In the planetary world, Ketu and Rahu are considered as the descending and ascending lunar notes respectively. As per the Hindu astrology, both these planets are a part of Navagrahas. They have a major impact on a human life and also play a vital role in predicting the future. Their malefic positioning in the birth chart can reveal some doshas, primarily related to marriage. The Kundli software studies and analyzes the positioning of the planets Ketu and Rahu and then check for the dosha and gives predictions on its basis.

What is the importance of Kundli matching before marriage?

In Hindu astrology, Kundli matching, Gun Milan or Kundli Milan is considered extremely vital and important before going for a marital alliance. With the help of Kundli matching, several aspects and attributes of the marital life of the natives can be easily identified. It helps in revealing about the attitude, mindset, character, behavior, and status of the native as well as it also predicts the various life-changing events of the native’s life. It is important to match the Kundlis in order to find out whether the prospective couple would experience marital bliss or not.

How can we generate online Kundli?

It is so easy and simple to generate a Kundli with the free online Kundli software. The only thing you need to be sure about is the place, time and date of birth of the person for whom you want to prepare a free Kundli online. After filling these specific details, it takes only  few minutes to get a perfect and accurate Janam Kundli of that individual.

What are the benefits of Janam Kundli making?

As we know, Kundli is the foundation of Astrology as several analysis are performed on the basis of birth chart only. There are a number of advantages and benefits of Kundli making such as:

  1. With the proper Kundli analysis done by an astrologer, one can take the correct decisions in life.
  2. It helps in identifying, analyzing and understanding the true potential of oneself.
  3. On the basis of Kundli, compatibility is checked between the prospective bride and groom which is known as Kundli Milan.
  4. It helps in identifying various doshas such as Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarp Dosha, etc.
  5. It also helps in knowing about the health conditions and also support in prior identification of diseases.
  6. It tells about the habits, nature, behavior and attitude of the native
  7. It supports in selecting the most adequate and suitable career and profession which can give immense success to the native.
  8. It also offers adequate remedial solutions by suggesting right gemstones and other remedies based upon the natal chart.
  9. It helps in knowing about the good and the bad phase of life.

Kundli made by Panchang is more accurate or Janam Kundli made with free Kundli software?

If we compare the Kundli made with Panchang and the Kundli generated through Kundli software, then the Birth Chart made with software is considered as more accurate and flawless. With Panchang, the astrologers are required to make a number of manual calculations which can have some sort of errors due to manual work, but if it is made with the software then it is 100% accurate with no possibility of an error. In traditional astrology, Panchang was used to make a Kundli but there are certain complex astrological calculations which are done better with the software. A minor error may lead to false predictions which can have heavy repercussions on one’s life.

The birth chart prepared with the help of Kundli software is regarded as authentic and accurate as it is devoid of all sort of manual errors and calculation mistakes.