Ketu in 1st House of kundli


How Ketu in 1st House Affects Our Life?

In Hindu astrology, Ketu is regarded as the dragon’s tail. It is believed that there is a direct influence of planet Ketu on the lives of the natives. Ketu possesses the power to make or break a person’s life, career and relationships. When planet Ketu has its placement in the first house then it offers a mysterious nature and personality to the native. These individuals possess a dual meaning in their talks. The natives have a magnetic charm which fetches the attention of other people. In order to satisfy their desire for adventure and entertainment, they are likely to travel across the world.

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Ketu in 1st house of kundali effects on career & professional Life

The individuals refrain from being a part of a bad company.  The positioning of Ketu in the first house of career make the individuals inclined towards professions which make use of their intellectual and analytical capabilities. These people are likely to build their future in the field of science, writing or reading. If the placement of Ketu is unfavorable then it might have negative effects on the stamina, health and physical fitness of the natives. These people tend to become greedy, selfish and self-centered at times.

Ketu in the 1st house of the male & female

The placement of Ketu in the 1st house of the female individuals make them intelligent as well as wise. Female natives are likely to put extra efforts and determination to accomplish their goals. The positioning of Ketu in the 1st house of the male natives decrease the confidence level as well as also give stress to the individuals for minor issues. Because of the same, these people are likely to remain unsocial, stressed and ungrateful in maximum phases of their lives.

Negative effects of Ketu in the 1st house

The natives who have Ketu in their first house of the Kundli are likely to suffer several issues, unnecessary fears, and problems in their life due to the negative and malefic impact of the planet. The effects of Ketu make the progress slow and also act as an obstacle in the success of the native. The spouse of the native might suffer health-related issues as the presence of Ketu creates issues in the progeny. The presence of Ketu in the horoscope is also responsible for continuous fights and chaos in the marital alliance of the individual.

Remedies for Ketu in the 1st House

For reducing the malefic effects of planet Ketu, few remedies which can be practiced are as follows:

  • These people should offer jaggery to the monkeys.
  • Before commencing with any work, the natives must apply a saffron tilak on their foreheads in order to eliminate the negative thoughts
  • Donation of colored blankets to the needy people on Tuesdays and Saturdays is good for the individuals suffering from ill-effects of the planet
  • The natives must visit the Lord Bhairav temple as often as possible and should worship the almighty by chanting the Bhairav Mantra.

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