Government Job Yog In Janam Kundli – Will You Get Govt. Job?

Do you have a Government Job Yog in your Kundali

Government job in Kundali – is the most searched astrological topic nowadays. Government jobs are highly respected, especially in a country like India, where it is a representation of supreme power, knowledge, and respect.

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Therefore, the fascination of these jobs is increasing day by day. Students are crazy to get these high valued jobs. Middle class and higher middle-class families strive to join such a top government position with full determination.

Merits Of Government Jobs

What are the reasons of such high craze about getting a Government job? Here is an overview of its benefits.

  • The symbol of absolute power and respect
  • Government job offers immense benefits to the employee
  • It ensures lifetime job security, less stress, easy work schedule, and more paycheques
  • The most significant advantage of government jobs is it gives a lot of leaves and a huge bonus.
  • Medical security is covered, and you may enjoy long term stability in the government sector.
  • The growth is rapid and comparatively easy in it.

Will You Get A Government Job?

The process of getting a government job is quite tough today. One needs to read a lot to crack the common entrance exams. Thousands of candidates appear in every exam, and the competition level is way too high these days.

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Astrology can help you get a job in the Government sector. Certain planets, planetary combinations, and particular houses play a profound role in securing a white-collared government job. Lets elaborately know which are these successes- defining celestial bodies!

Understand Various Houses

Houses are fix segments that represent specific areas of your life. Before jumping into planetary placements of government jobs in Kundli, let’s understand these houses.

The First House

  • It defines YOU
  • Your ambitions, how you see your self, everything is determined by the planets located in your first house
  • High aspirations for top administration jobs can be viewed from here.
  • This can be the first sign to Government job prediction by date of birth and time.

The Second House

  • Portrays your wealth
  • It predicts your financial position and property or assets

The Sixth House

  • This is the exclusive house for jobs and services
  • It describes your career goals.
  • Astrologers can locate the chances of Government Job Yoga from here.
  • This house can trace high professional ambitions.

The Ninth House

  • This house projects your fortune
  • A strong Sun and any friendly planet sitting in Ninth house can increase the chance of getting a good Government job
  • You can also predict your Sarkari Naukari Yoga from here

The Tenth House

  • This house again predict profession and career graph
  • By seeing this house astrologers can anticipate government job in Kundali

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Key Planets Of Government Job In Kundali


  • Sun represents the Government sector, power, and authority
  • It defines your spirit, energy, and ambitions
  • It is the most prominent source to know about the government job in a Kundli.
  • It represents Leadership, Career, Politics, Position, and public sector.
  • A strong Sun is enough indication ton predict a bright professional future


  • It represents Coal, Mining, Service, and Labor sectors which are further a part of Sarkari Naukari
  • Saturn is the planet of justice and discipline. It favors hard work and disciplined efforts towards anything.
  • A strong position of Saturn indirectly indicates Sarkari Naukari Yoga in Kundali


  • It is a planet of Intelligence, Success, Knowledge, and Good Luck
  • Well-placed Jupiter can ensure Public sector yoga in kundali


  • Represents sectors of Insurance, Media, Railway, Communication, Accounts, and Journalism


  • It reflects a keen interest in Literature, Creativity, and theatrical skills
  • It denotes creativity and innovation


  • Mars is a planet of determination and passion.
  • A good Mars can ensure Medical, Counselor, Defence profession.
  • A person with strong and well-placed Mars can serve in the POlice department or in the Defence.

Planetary Combinations For Government Job Yoga In Kundali

Sun’s Placement For Government Job In Kundali

  • Sun in the 10th house
  • Sun in the 10th house and if it is aspected by planet Mars
  • Sun in 10th house in native’s own sign or in a friendly sign
  • Sun in the 2nd house and it aspects the 10th house lord
  • if Jupiter aspects the Sun
  • Sun in 3rd House-Travel and overseas
  • Sun in the 4th House -Govt. jobs of tax, revenue property
  • Sun in the 6th House -A Govt job of ┬álegal services
  • Sun in the 8th House -A Govt. position of archaeology
  • Sun in the 12th House

Do you have these placements in Your Janm Kundali?

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Placements Of 10th House To Ensure Government Job In Kundali

  • Lord of the 10th house has its position in quadrant/trine
  • When Lord of the 9th house has its position in the 10th house
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses interchange their respective signs
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses are conjoined
  • Lord of the 10th house has its position in 11th, 6th or 3rd house

Sure Shot Placements For Sarkari Naukri In Kundali.

  • Jupiter’s placement in 4th House
  • Rahu in 10th house, and 5th house
  • The dominant planets have their position in 10th, 9th and 1st house
  • Venus-Moon-Jupiter have their placing in the 5th house
  • Lord of 12th house has its place in 11th house, 2nd house, trine or quadrant and Mars has its position in 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house
  • Mercury has its location in 6th house

Lets Conclude

Are you eager to get a satisfying administrative job? What is your Kundali reflecting about your aspirations? Check government job in kundali free prediction, and ensure a lifelong happy profession.

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What is your Sun’s say about your professional life? Getting a public sector entry is not easy, and astrology can assist you in fulfilling your dreams. Do you have a Government job in your Kundali? Analyze your kundali and determine your professional goal accordingly.


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