Can Kundali predict love Marriage?


Do you want to know if you will get married to your love interest? If yes, then this article is for you. Love marriages are a common phenomenon these days, and there are so many questions that come to the mind of young boys and girls like when will I get married and to whom?. Kundali can provide Free marriage Prediction to the users who have this common question. Love marriage involves choosing a partner through love and the decision is taken by the respective girl or a boy instead of the elders finding the right match for them. Marriage horoscope matching is a common practice today in arranged marriages. But, to know if there is love marriage in your horoscope, check your birth chart and get free Janam Kundali Reading and analysis.

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Marriage prediction calculator is a tool which focuses on the position of planets and can reveal whether love marriage is in your stars or not. There may be an adverse effect on the chances of love marriage if there are malefic planets and houses in your kundali. Venus is considered to be the most important planet of love. It is very critical that Venus should be properly placed in the Kundali and it should be robust enough to influence your Horoscope. Venus gives you an indication of your desires in life. When Venus is placed in 5th house and connects between the 7th, there is a chance of love marriage. If your Janam Kundali does not match with your partner as per the respective horoscopes, then it can make your married life a bit complicated.

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How Kundli affects Love Marriage?

Most of the people do not know the difference between love and infatuation, and hence they get married in haste and then come to know that they are not compatible. Therefore, most of the love marriages end up in divorce. For a successful Love Marriage Placement of planet, Venus should be in 5th 7th or 11th house, as it signifies that a native has high chances of Love Marriage. 5th House is a symbol of romance and the 3rd & 7th house indicates desire which is also called as”Kama,” the same is a symbol of a powerful desire of intimacy, sex, and marriage.


11th House is a symbol of “new acquaintances & relations,” so if you have a powerful 11th House and an equally strong Venus, their mutual combination can let the native become friends with opposite sex. To add on to it, if Rahu and 5th House also join up the party, then the concerned person may get to meet so many potential love mates (In other words, infatuation) during their lifetime. If the 7th house also influences this Yoga, then the person may marry one of the love interests. One important point to be noted here is that any decision that is to be taken with respect to marital matters, Navamsa or D-9 Chart plays a critical role.

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Also, when the Moon and Venus join hands, then the person is a very romantic person. If the 7th house of one’s Janam Kundli has this Yoga, then love marriage will happen for sure. But there are some conditions like certain planets should not be weak and the respective position of malefic planets should be suitable.

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So, Janam Kundali can certainly predict whether you have love marriage in your stars or not. When will I get married? If this question is also on your mind, then get a Free analysis of Janam Kundali Reading by expert Astrologers.


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