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6 Zodiac Signs That Are Likely To Be Rich and Wealthy

6 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Be Rich and Wealthy

Becoming rich is everyone’s dream. No matter who you are, where you were born, or what you hold, the dream of being wealthy is very common. However, not everyone in the world achieved this dream. There are only some people who have accomplished targets and became rich and wealthy.

Did they have a special talent or was it the luck that made them rich and affluent?

Well, the answer lies in your zodiac sign.

The zodiac sign you were born determines your fate to be rich. As per astrology, your zodiac sign is the mirror of your personality. Whatever you are today and whatever you will be in the future is likely the result of your zodiac sign personality. Your zodiac sign decides will you have the potential to be wealthy or not. So, it is necessary that you know your zodiac sign and check your zodiac sign personality. You may find your zodiac sign by finding the zodiac sign month you were born in.

If you already know your zodiac sign or want to know what are zodiac signs are more likely to become rich and wealthy, then this post is for you. Read the post and explore the top six star signs that bestow wealth, success, and abundance in your life.

Top 6 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Rich

Here are the zodiac signs that are likely to become rich due to their characteristics and personality traits.

1. Virgo (August 2 – September 22)

People born in this zodiac are known for perfection and great analytical skills. They logically approach situations and put their 100% in every work. It is less likely that a Virgo fails or does not complete the assigned work. These people easily deal with problems and stay practical while making decisions. Since perfection is everything for them, Virgos never settle for less than they deserve. They work hard to achieve their goals and never shy away from making improvements. So, it’s no surprise why the Virgos have high chances of success and why Virgos in the world are rich and billionaires.

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, and Paulo Lemann.

2. Scorpio (October 2 – November 21)

Scorpios are passionate, intuitive, and highly intelligent people. They have all the potential that makes them rich and influential. These people are highly likely to become wealthy due to their determination and hard-working abilities. They are passionate about whatever task they take up. Their ambitions are higher and they set goals that are impossible for others to imagine or accomplish. Being an intuitive sign, people born in Scorpio inherits the power to sense dangers and dubious things. They keep the guard over their emotions and are hard to break when it comes to revealing any corporate secrets. Moreover, no matter where Scorpio begins in an organization, they know how to climb up to the positions where they can rule and gain wealth.

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Bill Gates, Wang Jianlin and Laurene Powell Jobs.

3. Leo (July 2 – August 22)

Like its zodiac symbol, Leo exhibits all the qualities to rule and lead. They know how to run a business and make it prosper and profitable. Their creativity and confidence are the key traits that help them to rise and gain the spotlight at work. In addition to this, Leos possess the courage to experiment and do things that are different from others. They are blessed with skills to express themselves and with this, they present their ideas and work in impressive ways. Don’t you think these qualities make them Leader material or someone who could make any business a success?

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Sheldon Adelson, Sergey Brin, and Larry Ellison.

4. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus lands on the number 4 with the qualities to become rich and powerful. Symbolized by the Bull, this zodiac is extremely hard working and determined. Its natives are dependable and very patient by nature. They complete their tasks on time and can be relied upon for any assignment or project. Since Taurus is associated with the Earth element, people of this sign have a strong inclination towards luxury and comforts. They seek a comfortable and affluent lifestyle and are ready to go the extra mile to achieve their dreams. These magnetic and rational people are hard to resist and if they have decided to achieve something then it’s impossible to keep them away from it.

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Mark Zuckerberg, James Dyson, and David Koch.

5. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are born workaholics. They can accomplish anything in the world with their hard work and intrinsic skills. Their determination and ambitions have no limit and by using their logical approach they can make everything possible. You can never find any Capricorn settling for anything that may not earn the profit. They are highly aspiring and they aim to attain higher positions in the organization. They thrive for success and they follow a realistic approach to take action. If they are running their business, then be sure that they will set the example of a well-designed, structured, and profitable business.

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Jeff Bezos, Vladimir Potanin, and Joseph Safra.

6. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries is one of the surprising zodiac signs on this list. The reason being despite a lack of patience and seriousness for their goals, people born in this zodiac sign tend to be rich and affluent. They are born to rule and lead very big projects and assignments in their career. You may see these people as CEO of big companies. These enthusiastic natives are always excited about new beginnings. of the startups and new initiatives are done by people from this zodiac sign. While you are contemplating about making risky decisions about your business, meanwhile some Aries has already made up the mind and jumped into the risk. So, now you know why Aries zodiac people are billionaires and successful entrepreneurs.

  • Rich personalities of this Zodiac- Mukesh Ambani, Steve Ballmer, and Larry Page.

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Final Words

Even though your zodiac sign is not on this list, there can be high chances that you will be rich and wealthy in the future. Want to know how? Simple, hard work. Hard work is the key to success. If you are confident, determined, and ready to work hard, then there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving success. Remember, stars play an important role but they are not the only factor that decides your success. You can change your future by writing your future. So, work hard and learn the traits that make anyone successful.

Government Job Yog In Janam Kundli – Will You Get Govt. Job?

Do you have a Government Job Yog in your Kundali

Government job in Kundali – is the most searched astrological topic nowadays. Government jobs are highly respected, especially in a country like India, where it is a representation of supreme power, knowledge, and respect.

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Therefore, the fascination of these jobs is increasing day by day. Students are crazy to get these high valued jobs. Middle class and higher middle-class families strive to join such a top government position with full determination.

Merits Of Government Jobs

What are the reasons of such high craze about getting a Government job? Here is an overview of its benefits.

  • The symbol of absolute power and respect
  • Government job offers immense benefits to the employee
  • It ensures lifetime job security, less stress, easy work schedule, and more paycheques
  • The most significant advantage of government jobs is it gives a lot of leaves and a huge bonus.
  • Medical security is covered, and you may enjoy long term stability in the government sector.
  • The growth is rapid and comparatively easy in it.

Will You Get A Government Job?

The process of getting a government job is quite tough today. One needs to read a lot to crack the common entrance exams. Thousands of candidates appear in every exam, and the competition level is way too high these days.

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Astrology can help you get a job in the Government sector. Certain planets, planetary combinations, and particular houses play a profound role in securing a white-collared government job. Lets elaborately know which are these successes- defining celestial bodies!

Understand Various Houses

Houses are fix segments that represent specific areas of your life. Before jumping into planetary placements of government jobs in Kundli, let’s understand these houses.

The First House

  • It defines YOU
  • Your ambitions, how you see your self, everything is determined by the planets located in your first house
  • High aspirations for top administration jobs can be viewed from here.
  • This can be the first sign to Government job prediction by date of birth and time.

The Second House

  • Portrays your wealth
  • It predicts your financial position and property or assets

The Sixth House

  • This is the exclusive house for jobs and services
  • It describes your career goals.
  • Astrologers can locate the chances of Government Job Yoga from here.
  • This house can trace high professional ambitions.

The Ninth House

  • This house projects your fortune
  • A strong Sun and any friendly planet sitting in Ninth house can increase the chance of getting a good Government job
  • You can also predict your Sarkari Naukari Yoga from here

The Tenth House

  • This house again predict profession and career graph
  • By seeing this house astrologers can anticipate government job in Kundali

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Key Planets Of Government Job In Kundali


  • Sun represents the Government sector, power, and authority
  • It defines your spirit, energy, and ambitions
  • It is the most prominent source to know about the government job in a Kundli.
  • It represents Leadership, Career, Politics, Position, and public sector.
  • A strong Sun is enough indication ton predict a bright professional future


  • It represents Coal, Mining, Service, and Labor sectors which are further a part of Sarkari Naukari
  • Saturn is the planet of justice and discipline. It favors hard work and disciplined efforts towards anything.
  • A strong position of Saturn indirectly indicates Sarkari Naukari Yoga in Kundali


  • It is a planet of Intelligence, Success, Knowledge, and Good Luck
  • Well-placed Jupiter can ensure Public sector yoga in kundali


  • Represents sectors of Insurance, Media, Railway, Communication, Accounts, and Journalism


  • It reflects a keen interest in Literature, Creativity, and theatrical skills
  • It denotes creativity and innovation


  • Mars is a planet of determination and passion.
  • A good Mars can ensure Medical, Counselor, Defence profession.
  • A person with strong and well-placed Mars can serve in the POlice department or in the Defence.

Planetary Combinations For Government Job Yoga In Kundali

Sun’s Placement For Government Job In Kundali

  • Sun in the 10th house
  • Sun in the 10th house and if it is aspected by planet Mars
  • Sun in 10th house in native’s own sign or in a friendly sign
  • Sun in the 2nd house and it aspects the 10th house lord
  • if Jupiter aspects the Sun
  • Sun in 3rd House-Travel and overseas
  • Sun in the 4th House -Govt. jobs of tax, revenue property
  • Sun in the 6th House -A Govt job of  legal services
  • Sun in the 8th House -A Govt. position of archaeology
  • Sun in the 12th House

Do you have these placements in Your Janm Kundali?

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Placements Of 10th House To Ensure Government Job In Kundali

  • Lord of the 10th house has its position in quadrant/trine
  • When Lord of the 9th house has its position in the 10th house
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses interchange their respective signs
  • Lords of 10th and 9th houses are conjoined
  • Lord of the 10th house has its position in 11th, 6th or 3rd house

Sure Shot Placements For Sarkari Naukri In Kundali.

  • Jupiter’s placement in 4th House
  • Rahu in 10th house, and 5th house
  • The dominant planets have their position in 10th, 9th and 1st house
  • Venus-Moon-Jupiter have their placing in the 5th house
  • Lord of 12th house has its place in 11th house, 2nd house, trine or quadrant and Mars has its position in 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house
  • Mercury has its location in 6th house

Lets Conclude

Are you eager to get a satisfying administrative job? What is your Kundali reflecting about your aspirations? Check government job in kundali free prediction, and ensure a lifelong happy profession.

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What is your Sun’s say about your professional life? Getting a public sector entry is not easy, and astrology can assist you in fulfilling your dreams. Do you have a Government job in your Kundali? Analyze your kundali and determine your professional goal accordingly.

12 Astrological Houses And Their Meanings

Astrology Houses - How they affect your life

Astrology houses and planets are key to your fate. Across societies, people are using various future forecasting methods to get a better idea of life. Vedic Astrology foresees your growth with the help of houses and planetary positions in it.

Moreover, with the help of different websites and other digital platforms, birth charts, and various Astro aspects become handy and reliable. But why people are so curious about distinct Astro information? What importance Astrology houses hold? Let’s uncover these cosmic secret codes today!

Key Notes Of Astrology Houses And Planets

Before learning each house, elaborately, let us first understand fundamental things about 12 Astrological houses and the associated planets. Lets quickly go through some key facts.

  • Your Janam Kundali by date of birth and name is the base of all Vedic Astrology predictions.
  • Astrologers divide your birth chart into twelve equal sections
  • These sections are known as Astrology houses
  • Each house reflect Earth’s 24-hour rotation around its own axis
  • We must use the exact date and time of birth while calculating the astrology house chart as houses rotate in every 24 hours
  • Each house reflect a particular aspect of life
  • Various planets rule different houses and transits of planets in those houses reveal situations of your life

12 Houses Of Astrology And It’s Meaning

Astrology houses and planets

The First Astrological House: The Self

Naturally Ruled By- Aries & Mars

The first house represents YOU. It remarks your body, your visible features, and general appearances. Planets, which hold your first house, have a notable impact on your life. It grows your personality significantly, e.g., If Moon is in the first house of your birth chart, you will wear emotions on your sleeves; Venus in the first house will make you creative and charming.

They are very first stopping of the Planetary cycle, if any celestial figure transit into this house, your purposes, plans, and beliefs can easily be manifested by it. This house reflects Aries and Mars energy.

The Second Astrological House: Finances & Value

Naturally Ruled By- Taurus & Venus

These house associates to your finances, all the tangible ownership, and the notion of values. Planets in the second house serve to seek security through the physical world. They create a fondness for material aspects — planets that transit in this house presents changes in your resources.

It is also about earthly possessions, including your five senses! It values material things. This house can even display how you value yourself.

The Third Astrological House: Communication

Naturally Ruled By- Gemini & Mercury

The third Astrological house commands communication and transportation. If someone has excellent verbal skills, now you know how they get it! It also makes you develop genuine relationships with your co-workers, siblings, etc.

Talkative Gemini governs this house along with the Mercury. It represents gossip, chats, and all your communications. As illustrated in Astrological sources, the third house enlarges your sense of self outwardness.

The Fourth Astrological House: The Home

Naturally Ruled By- Cancer & The Moon

This house is the base of your entire chart and implies home and your family. Planets situated in this house shows your relationship with the maternal figure. It covers all matters related to security and family.

This house also sees your ancestors; it commands all the inherited powers. All the subtle skills you have today may come from your forefathers due to this house.

The Fifth Astrological House: The House Of Pleasure

Naturally Ruled By- Leo & The Sun

This house is associated with creativity and pleasure. It adds the fun and freshness to your personality. It also deals with children and romance. Planets placed here bestow artistic expressions. And planets which transit this house delivers all your fun-filled moments!

This house helps you raise your potential and confidence. It is also the house of luck, fun, and casual love affairs. It also covers casual sex or physical intimacy.

The Sixth Astrological House: The Health And Services

Naturally Ruled By- Virgo & Mercury

During the Kundali making by date of birth, astrologers carefully outline this house and its planets, as it deals with your health. It corresponds to fitness, daily routines, and wellness. The first house shows the body you are born with, and the sixth house shows the body you develop by your life choices.

The Seventh Astrological House: The Partnership

Naturally Ruled By- Libra & Venus

It comes opposite to your first house of self, so from 7th house onwards native sees other people. This house is all about relationships and partnerships. Marriage, business, etc. can be observed from this house.

It also commands your enemies, divorces, or trials. Libra deals with legal and just aspects.

The Eighth Astrological House: Transformation

Naturally Ruled By- Scorpio & Pluto

This house is all about mystery and darkness. It deals with death, renewal, taxes, wills, sex, occult ability, bankruptcy, losses, individual sacrifices, and clairvoyance. It’s about endings and a new beginning.

This house rules transformation.

The Ninth Astrological House: The Big Idea

Naturally Ruled By- Sagittarius & Jupiter

Ninth house defines the journey, philosophy, and higher education. People whose natal planets are in this house are curious and wanderlust. It shows faith and the pursuit of knowledge.

In simple words, it says -live your bigger dreams!

The Tenth Astrological House: The Public Image

Naturally Ruled By- Capricorn & Saturn

The Tenth House, placed at the very top of the horoscope, deals with your individual story. The Midheaven is rooted in the tenth house. It showcases your image, professional ambitions, and accomplishments

It also heaves social status. It represents a father figure too!

The Eleventh Astrological House: The House Of Community & Friend

Naturally Ruled By- Aquarius & Uranus

The Eleventh House assists in recognizing the goal of your hard work. The Eleventh House is about charitable pursuits. Technology and modernization also come in this place. It is the ruler of friendship, teamwork, networking, and social fairness.

The Twelfth Astrological House: The Dark side & Secrets

Naturally Ruled By- Pisces & Neptune

Twelfth House is just underneath the horizon. It represents beliefs, secrets, and passions. Those born with planets in this house are intuitive and spiritual.

It manages dreams and sleeps, karma and past lives, our shadow self, the occultism, paranormal energies, and imprisonment too! (both real and metamorphic)

Let’s Conclude

Now we already know the significance of Astrological houses and planets placed into it. But to lead a blissful life, you need to see this foresight well in advance.

Get your Janam Kundali by date of birth and name from here, because to unlock your future you must need an accurate birth chart. Get your horoscope now and decode the celestial puzzle!

Top 10 Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life


Are you feeling helpless due to an unhappy marriage? Do you think your wedding lost that romantic spark, and now you are stuck with this unsatisfying marriage? Astrological tips for a happy married life can change your relationship story!

As we all know, astrology is an ancient and reliable future prediction tool. It can foresee your marital life. Also, it can pinpoint if any Dosha’s can affect married life. It can also provide remedies for such Doshas and ill placements.

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Besides, it guides with specific tips to make the relationship more loving and soulful. Let’s uncover the top ten tips of astrology for a happy married life.

  1. No- nonveg on Tuesday and Saturday

Tuesday and Saturday has a significant effect on our life. Couples must avoid eating nonveg on these days. It can help to reduce the friction between the partners.

2. The Vidaii tip

At the time of Vidai, the bride is advised to fill a copper Kalash with Gangajal and then add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Put a coin in it and circle it around the bride’s head for seven times. This ensures the peace and prosperity always stays with the couple.

3. Wipe the floor with saltwater

The simple process of wiping the floor with the saltwater will go a long way according to astrological tips for a happy married life. Cleaning the floor with salt water will remove all the negative energies from the house. It is the most commonly adopted remedy in India.

4. Mix wheat and black grams

Marriage is not just a union of two people, but two families bond with each other in India. If there is any problem between the family members and the peace of the entire family is being disturbed, one must mix black grams and wheat on Saturday. It will restore the peace and harmony of the family.

5. No hair cuts on these days

Helping your marriage as per the Astrological remedies,  also includes no haircuts on Tuesday, Saturday, and Thursday. Even avoid nail clipping on these days. The couple is advised not to do hair oiling on Thursday and Saturday.

6. Donate sweets on Tuesday

Donate sweets to the poor and needy on Tuesdays to decrease the ill effects of Moon and Mars. In order to save your marriage from ugly fights nad misunderstandings donating sweets is the powerful Astro remedy for a happy married life.

7. Use Gomati Chakra 

To solve marriage problems with Astro remedies, the couple should keep 11 Gomati Chakras with red vermillion. This remedy has the potential to resolve all the husband-wife disputes in no time.

8. Wear Golden-Yellow bangles

The simple and fun astrological tips for a happy married life are wearing yellow and golden bangles. When a lady wears these colors, it increases the love between the two.

9. Worship a Tulsi plant

If you want to help your marriage as per the Astrological remedies, keep a Tulsi plant at your home and worship it in the morning every day. The lady should offer turmeric and kumkum along with the water to the Tulsi plant. It is believed that it brings all the heavenly happiness to the couple.

10. Fasting on Friday

Fasting on Friday to worship Goddess Lakshmi is an age-old Astro remedy for a happy married life. A lady is said to be the goddess Lakshmi of the house. She should fast and worship Lakshmi Devi. It will not only increase the love and care of the two but will help to have an intimate connection.

Have you heard any of this before? These are very widespread, quick, and easy to do Astro remedy for happy married life. Do you need more help? Consider having kundali matching of you two, for a full-proof future harmonious life.

So far, if you are noting down all the tips here, I am giving you a bonus tip! Worship God Shiva on Monday. Pour milk on Shivalinga, and God will bless you with soulmate partner, and all those who are already married will enjoy a lifelong marital bliss.

Know more about Janam Kundli As Per Vedic Astrology.

Are you ready to use astrological tips for a happy married life? Make sure you involve your partner to manifest your dream married life!

Jupiter in the 2nd House of Kundli


What happens in the native’s life when Jupiter in the 2nd House?

Jupiter is considered as the planet of abundance, destiny, and luck. The natives are able to make correct decisions when it comes to financial and money matters when Jupiter is placed in the second house of wealth and possessions. These individuals are likely to make the most efficient use of all their resources.

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People with Jupiter in their second house usually suffer from several ups and downs in their life but they are likely to remain financially secure for a lifetime. Such individuals possess an inherent talent and potential to earn money and they also make profitable investments and lucrative business deals.

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Jupiter in 2nd house of kundali effects on career and professional life

When Jupiter is placed in the second house of career, then it offers higher chances to the natives to get placed in government jobs with an authoritative position. There is a strong probability of such people starting their own business.  They are likely to get unexpected gains and a huge flow of money in all their dealings.

Effects of Jupiter in the 2nd house of the male kundali

When Jupiter is placed in the second house of the male natives then it depicts that the natives hold a sociable and influential persona. Such people are likely to relish huge social recognition and great social standing in almost all phases of their life. They have the highest chance to attain a leadership position at work and also possess authority and power. People who try to cheat them or plan something against them will never find success.

Effects of Jupiter in the 2nd house of the female kundali

When Jupiter is in the second house of the female natives then they are likely to live their life with utmost comforts and luxuries. The female natives might also get blessed with creative abilities with the profound impact of Jupiter in the horoscope due to its presence in the second house of the Kundli.

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Jupiter in the 2nd house of kundali effects on marriage and personal life

The natives who have Jupiter in their 2nd house of Kundli are likely to attain benefits out of their marital alliance with the benefic aspects of Jupiter in their second house. Advice, support, motivation, and pleasure are the primary things which the individuals get from their marriage.

Positive effects of Jupiter in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

The natives who have Jupiter in the second house of Kundli possess the potential to make adequate decisions when it comes to money related matters. These individuals are likely to make the most efficient use of all their resources. The natives are required to perform a lot of charity work and also make huge donations in order to win higher positive effects and favor of Jupiter.

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Malefic (Negative) effects of Jupiter in the 2nd house of Janam Kundli

The placement of Jupiter in 2nd house might also give malefic results. It makes the individuals reckless in their spending. Their careless attitude may cause them trouble and there are higher chances that these individuals will enter into some disputes, conflicts, arguments, or legal suits. Such people like to make propaganda of their wealth and possessions in order to fetch the attention of people around them. When the placement of Jupiter is afflicted and weak then it makes the natives inclined towards physical, greedy and material pursuits.

In the present scenario, it is one of the most common aspects of life to know the importance of Kundli and also the significance of the planetary positioning in the Kundli to predict about the present and future of the natives. Get your Birth Chart Analysis Now!!

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Jupiter in 1st House of Janam Kundli


Effects of Jupiter in the First House of  Janam Kundli

Jupiter is one of the most advantageous as well as benefic planets in the astrology which empowers the natives to be compassionate and generous. The individuals who have Jupiter in 1st house in the Kundli are highly inclined towards helping others who are in need and are always concerned about the success and welfare of other people. It guides the individuals to articulate those areas of life which need improvement and also develops their interest in improving them with full determination and zeal.

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Jupiter in 1st house of kundali effects on career and professional life

The placement of Jupiter in the first house of career enhance the natives’ interest in the field of knowledge, personality development, and education. Therefore, individuals are likely to gain from the profession of teaching, offering personality development training, online tutoring, etc. When it comes to moral values, the natives remain firm and determined to work with ethical and fair means only. The individuals seek personal development but are still likely to suffer from the health-related issue.

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Jupiter in 1st house of kundali effects on marriage and personal life

The natives who have Jupiter in their 1st house of Kundli are quite emotional in nature. At times, because of the malefic aspects of Jupiter, they tend to behave in a childish and egoistic manner which can impact their relationship with their partner. However, mostly, individuals act in a mature and practical way only. The presence of Jupiter in the 1st House also makes individuals inclined toward religious activities and spirituality. Such natives are large-hearted people who work with positive intentions and also an optimistic approach.

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Effects of Jupiter in the 1st house of the male kundali

The positioning of Jupiter in the 1st house of the male natives blesses them with a challenging attitude which helps these individuals to come out as winners in spite of facing numerous tribulations, difficulties, and hardships. These people possess the analytical skills to understand the pros and cons of every situation and opportunity and thus tend to achieve success in all their endeavors.

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Effects of Jupiter in the 1st house of the female kundali

The placement of Jupiter in the 1st house of the female natives makes them extremely cheerful, therefore they easily fetch the attention of people. Such natives remain highly confident and courageous while managing the unfavorable situations of life.

Positive effects of Jupiter in the 1st  house of Janam Kundli

Jupiter has its direct relation with fortune and luck and thus it brings favorable results in the life of the native. Because of the favorable position of Jupiter in the first house of Kundli, the natives are energetic, truthful, charming and have a long life owing to the positive impact of Jupiter in their first house. The natives also believe in doing charities to help the needy. They are multi-talented, versatile and learned who like to be in the company of sensible people only.

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Malefic (Negative) effects of Jupiter in the 1st  house of Janam Kundli

Because of the malefic effects of Jupiter in the first house of the horoscope might make the natives suffer from certain problems as far as their health is concerned. But Jupiter is a planet of luck, thus it helps the natives to sustain all sort of challenges and live a peaceful life.

All planets possess certain malefic as well as benefic powers, Jupiter too can impact the life of the individuals quite deeply. To know the impact of other planets, talk to our expert Astrologer or get a detailed analysis of your Janam Kundali!

Ketu in 2nd house of kundali


Effects of Ketu in the Second House of Kundli

In the entire astrological arena, Ketu is regarded as one of the most malefic planets which have several negative and ill-effects on the natives depending upon the house in which the planet has its placement. When Ketu is placed in the second house then it has both positive as well as negative impacts depending upon its association with the Moon. When Ketu is placed in a benefic position then it offers professional as well as financial heights to the natives.

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Ketu in 2nd house of kundali effects on career and professional life

When Ketu is placed in the second house of career, then the individuals are likely to drop their studies in between and start earning at a young age. The individuals might also travel to several foreign nations for business purpose and in order to earn a higher income.

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Effects of Ketu in the 2nd house of the male kundali

When Ketu is placed in the second house of the male natives then it leads to speech disorders, stammering or impairment to the individual. It can make the natives highly unstable and agitated. Ketu might give a harsh speech to the natives and thus they are usually misunderstood by the people.

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Effects of Ketu in the 2nd house of the female kundali

when Ketu is in the second house of the female natives then such individuals are not fortunate in respect with the financial and family matters. They are likely to sell their assets like jewelry or properties in order to fulfill their liabilities. Such people are God-fearing individuals who avoid indulging themselves in immoral tasks.

Ketu in the 2nd house of kundali effects on marriage and personal life

The natives who have Ketu in their 2nd house of Kundli might not receive any sort of support or cooperation from their immediate family members but the spouse and the in-laws may help both financially and emotionally.

Positive effects of Ketu in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

Because of the favorable position of Ketu in the second house of Kundli, the natives become highly knowledgeable and learned. Such people are likely to express themselves in an open manner as well as possess a desire to learn foreign languages. The individuals have a seriousness towards life and are of an indulgent kind.

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Malefic (Negative) effects of Ketu in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

The placement of Ketu in 2nd house is moreover considered as negative only as the natives might face obstruction in education, have delayed success, feel dissatisfied at times and might find their life a waste. Ketu is regarded as a shadow planet and thus it can also shorten the lifespan of the individuals with its malefic nature. The positioning of the planet might cause imprisonment or bankruptcy to the native. It also offers a level of dissatisfaction in the individuals when it comes to the money matters. It may also lead to financial troubles. The natives are required to have positive thinking and must visit the Lord Bhairav temple frequently.

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Moon in the 3rd House of Kundli


Moon(chandra )in the 3rd House: Meaning and effect

The third house signifies a lot many things about the natives which are related to communication, inner spirit, and short journeys. Having the placement of Moon in the 3rd house of Janam Kundli offers a receptive mind to the natives enhancing their potential to grab a lot of knowledge and information. The presence of the Moon (chandra) makes the individuals learn the art of imitating. Its benefic placement can bring sensitivity to the actions and communication of the individuals.

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Moon in 3rd house of kundali effects on career and professional life

The third house represents short journeys, thus the placement of Moon also create chances for the natives to go to numerous nearby places or may have frequent weekend travels. Moon in the third house of career makes the native interesting in picking up new languages. They are inclined towards art, machines, and electronics or might get involved in activities related to agriculture or gardening. The natives are also likely to participate in various manual activities and might start their earnings from any such source.

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Moon in 3rd house of kundali effects on marriage and personal life

The natives who have Moon in their 3rd  house of Kundli usually lack the competence to handle the responsibilities of marriage. They possess a strong desire to communicate and express their feelings to their partner. They are the key decision makers who like to take the decision on all sort of personal, professional and emotional matters.

Effects of Moon in the 3rd house of the male kundali

The placement of the Moon in the third house of the male natives makes them a good poet or writer but still, it would always remain a hobby for them, rather than being a full-fledged profession.  Such natives also possess strong intuitive powers and are emotionally weak too. Such natives might also gain recognition in the field of singing, acting or dancing.

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Effects of Moon in the 3rd house of the female kundali

When the Moon is in the 3rd house of the female natives then they act as great mediators for their friends, mates, siblings, and relatives. They hold a creative persona which makes them great artists. The third house also signifies siblings which depict that because of the presence of Moon in the house, the individuals are likely to have a great attachment with their brothers or sisters.

Positive effects of Moon in the 3rd  house of Janam Kundli

Because of the favorable position of Moon in the third house of Kundli, the individuals are quite emotional and sensitive especially when it comes to certain matters. Presence of the Moon (chandra) in the third house is advantageous in every manner and it helps the native in getting great outcomes and success in all their endeavors.

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Malefic (Negative) effects of Moon in the 3rd  house of Janam Kundli

Moon in the third house of the horoscope makes the natives restless. Such people might not have a long-term association with others as they possess a tendency to frequently move to different places as well as they keep on changing their minds and choices in life.
Different phases of life are controlled by a diverse set of planetary arrangement and it mainly depends upon your natal chart and the placements of the planets to predict how positive or negative the future events would be. To get to know more about your future, understand, how Kundli works and what is the importance of Kundli.

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Mercury in the 2nd House of Janam Kundali


How Mercury in the 2nd House Affects Our Life?

Mercury is the planet which depicts knowledge and intelligence as well as its placement signifies in what specific area or field the natives will use their intellectual prowess. The placement of Mercury in the 2nd house in the Kundli offers a spiritual and philosophical persona to the native. It also develops a practical vision of the individuals which makes them efficient in money making through working on a practical and logical path. In respect to the finances, the natives easily find several ways to make money by making use of their intellectual power.

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Mercury in 2nd house of kundali effects on career and professional life

The placement of Mercury in the second house of career helps the native in attaining a lot of material possessions and gaining money from various endeavors. It makes the natives good at finances and thus they can become renowned financial analysts, and accountants. When Mercury is benefic in nature then it blesses the individuals with positive outcomes and better results related to the various aspects of life comprising health, finance, profession, and marriage.

Effects of Mercury in the 2nd house of the male kundali

When Mercury is placed in the 2nd house of the male natives then money is a constant factor in their life. They are too rigid at times when it comes to grabbing the opportunities for monetary gains which makes them highly materialistic in nature. Self-esteem and self-identification are the two major aspects of the personality of the natives having Mercury in their second house.

Effects of Mercury in the 2nd house of the female kundali

The placement of Mercury in the 2nd house of the female natives blesses them with a sweet speech, diplomatic skills and also makes them quick learners. These natives are likely to become articulate speakers as the placement of Mercury offers good communication skills as the second house also represents communication and speech.

Positive effects of Mercury in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

Because of the favorable position of Mercury in the second house of Kundli, the natives are likely to have great memory which can support them in acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience in their lives. These individuals are likely to gain from all such aspects which are related to planet Venus and Mars and thus gain huge wealth and recognition in their life. Such individuals are also likely to achieve financial gains in speculative trading.

Malefic (Negative) effects of Mercury in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

Mercury in the second house of the horoscope also brings difficulties in the life of the natives. The malefic nature of Mercury can bring various problems in the lives of the natives such as it can make the individuals lose their wealth because of wrong decisions taken recklessly. The individuals also spend profoundly on unnecessary things which can create debt on them. The individuals are also required to keep a check on their hidden enemies as they can destroy the wealth, happiness and lives of the natives. Being a Mercurian mind, the native would not refrain from indulging in any sort of economic fraud for getting benefit out of it. Because of their egoistic attitude, they might spend their later life in solitude.

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Rahu in the 2nd House of Janam Kundli


How Rahu in the second house affects our life? Impact of Rahu in the 2nd House of Kundli!

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Rahu is regarded as a revolutionary planet in the horoscope. Naturally, the placement of Rahu in a specific planet depicts the area where the native will feel isolated and lack peace of mind. It ultimately brings dissatisfaction in the lives of the individuals. There is a high level of mental stress and restlessness that is associated with the positioning of Rahu in the houses where the placement of Rahu is regarded as malefic. The individuals who have Rahu in the 2nd house in the Kundli are often hungry for acquiring several treasures and materialistic comforts which can be gained from the collection of valuables, money, historical possessions or knowledge.

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Rahu in 2nd house of kundali effects on career and professional life

The placement of Rahu in the second house of career is considered as positive. The natives are likely to attain proficiency and mastery in learning different languages. They might get involved in the profession or career related to the field of historic values or heritage.

Effects of Rahu in the 2nd house of the male kundali

When Rahu is in the second house of the male natives then the natives are likely to be prone to various credit and financial issues and therefore they should refrain themselves from taking bank loans. The individuals might experience malefic effects of Rahu and so had to live in isolation for several years. Because of the malefic effects of Rahu, the individuals might attain a painful experience from their marriage but still, there are chances that they can reap benefits and uplift their social standing through their second marriage.

Effects of Rahu in the 2nd house of the female kundali

When Rahu is in the second house of the female natives then they are likely to get rich life partners and also might have access to all royalties of life. They possess a tendency to influence people with their strong communication skills. The natives are inclined towards social recognition and knowledge.

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Malefic (Negative) effects of Rahu in the 2nd  house of Janam Kundli

Rahu has both benefic as well as malefic effects upon the native’s life. The presence of Rahu in the second house of the horoscope can make the natives poor as well as prone to throat related infections. Such individuals might take improper judgment when it comes to managing finances and dealing with money. They might have a lot of hidden enemies who secretly want to harm them and deteriorate their health and wealth. Losing the hard-earned finances is one of the most common and usual aspects of your Kundali when Rahu is placed in the second house.

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