Top 10 Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life


Are you feeling helpless due to an unhappy marriage? Do you think your wedding lost that romantic spark, and now you are stuck with this unsatisfying marriage? Astrological tips for a happy married life can change your relationship story!

As we all know, astrology is an ancient and reliable future prediction tool. It can foresee your marital life. Also, it can pinpoint if any Dosha’s can affect married life. It can also provide remedies for such Doshas and ill placements.

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Besides, it guides with specific tips to make the relationship more loving and soulful. Let’s uncover the top ten tips of astrology for a happy married life.

  1. No- nonveg on Tuesday and Saturday

Tuesday and Saturday has a significant effect on our life. Couples must avoid eating nonveg on these days. It can help to reduce the friction between the partners.

2. The Vidaii tip

At the time of Vidai, the bride is advised to fill a copper Kalash with Gangajal and then add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Put a coin in it and circle it around the bride’s head for seven times. This ensures the peace and prosperity always stays with the couple.

3. Wipe the floor with saltwater

The simple process of wiping the floor with the saltwater will go a long way according to astrological tips for a happy married life. Cleaning the floor with salt water will remove all the negative energies from the house. It is the most commonly adopted remedy in India.

4. Mix wheat and black grams

Marriage is not just a union of two people, but two families bond with each other in India. If there is any problem between the family members and the peace of the entire family is being disturbed, one must mix black grams and wheat on Saturday. It will restore the peace and harmony of the family.

5. No hair cuts on these days

Helping your marriage as per the Astrological remedies,  also includes no haircuts on Tuesday, Saturday, and Thursday. Even avoid nail clipping on these days. The couple is advised not to do hair oiling on Thursday and Saturday.

6. Donate sweets on Tuesday

Donate sweets to the poor and needy on Tuesdays to decrease the ill effects of Moon and Mars. In order to save your marriage from ugly fights nad misunderstandings donating sweets is the powerful Astro remedy for a happy married life.

7. Use Gomati Chakra 

To solve marriage problems with Astro remedies, the couple should keep 11 Gomati Chakras with red vermillion. This remedy has the potential to resolve all the husband-wife disputes in no time.

8. Wear Golden-Yellow bangles

The simple and fun astrological tips for a happy married life are wearing yellow and golden bangles. When a lady wears these colors, it increases the love between the two.

9. Worship a Tulsi plant

If you want to help your marriage as per the Astrological remedies, keep a Tulsi plant at your home and worship it in the morning every day. The lady should offer turmeric and kumkum along with the water to the Tulsi plant. It is believed that it brings all the heavenly happiness to the couple.

10. Fasting on Friday

Fasting on Friday to worship Goddess Lakshmi is an age-old Astro remedy for a happy married life. A lady is said to be the goddess Lakshmi of the house. She should fast and worship Lakshmi Devi. It will not only increase the love and care of the two but will help to have an intimate connection.

Have you heard any of this before? These are very widespread, quick, and easy to do Astro remedy for happy married life. Do you need more help? Consider having kundali matching of you two, for a full-proof future harmonious life.

So far, if you are noting down all the tips here, I am giving you a bonus tip! Worship God Shiva on Monday. Pour milk on Shivalinga, and God will bless you with soulmate partner, and all those who are already married will enjoy a lifelong marital bliss.

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Are you ready to use astrological tips for a happy married life? Make sure you involve your partner to manifest your dream married life!


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