12 Astrological Houses And Their Meanings

Astrology Houses - How they affect your life

Astrology houses and planets are key to your fate. Across societies, people are using various future forecasting methods to get a better idea of life. Vedic Astrology foresees your growth with the help of houses and planetary positions in it.

Moreover, with the help of different websites and other digital platforms, birth charts, and various Astro aspects become handy and reliable. But why people are so curious about distinct Astro information? What importance Astrology houses hold? Let’s uncover these cosmic secret codes today!

Key Notes Of Astrology Houses And Planets

Before learning each house, elaborately, let us first understand fundamental things about 12 Astrological houses and the associated planets. Lets quickly go through some key facts.

  • Your Janam Kundali by date of birth and name is the base of all Vedic Astrology predictions.
  • Astrologers divide your birth chart into twelve equal sections
  • These sections are known as Astrology houses
  • Each house reflect Earth’s 24-hour rotation around its own axis
  • We must use the exact date and time of birth while calculating the astrology house chart as houses rotate in every 24 hours
  • Each house reflect a particular aspect of life
  • Various planets rule different houses and transits of planets in those houses reveal situations of your life

12 Houses Of Astrology And It’s Meaning

Astrology houses and planets

The First Astrological House: The Self

Naturally Ruled By- Aries & Mars

The first house represents YOU. It remarks your body, your visible features, and general appearances. Planets, which hold your first house, have a notable impact on your life. It grows your personality significantly, e.g., If Moon is in the first house of your birth chart, you will wear emotions on your sleeves; Venus in the first house will make you creative and charming.

They are very first stopping of the Planetary cycle, if any celestial figure transit into this house, your purposes, plans, and beliefs can easily be manifested by it. This house reflects Aries and Mars energy.

The Second Astrological House: Finances & Value

Naturally Ruled By- Taurus & Venus

These house associates to your finances, all the tangible ownership, and the notion of values. Planets in the second house serve to seek security through the physical world. They create a fondness for material aspects — planets that transit in this house presents changes in your resources.

It is also about earthly possessions, including your five senses! It values material things. This house can even display how you value yourself.

The Third Astrological House: Communication

Naturally Ruled By- Gemini & Mercury

The third Astrological house commands communication and transportation. If someone has excellent verbal skills, now you know how they get it! It also makes you develop genuine relationships with your co-workers, siblings, etc.

Talkative Gemini governs this house along with the Mercury. It represents gossip, chats, and all your communications. As illustrated in Astrological sources, the third house enlarges your sense of self outwardness.

The Fourth Astrological House: The Home

Naturally Ruled By- Cancer & The Moon

This house is the base of your entire chart and implies home and your family. Planets situated in this house shows your relationship with the maternal figure. It covers all matters related to security and family.

This house also sees your ancestors; it commands all the inherited powers. All the subtle skills you have today may come from your forefathers due to this house.

The Fifth Astrological House: The House Of Pleasure

Naturally Ruled By- Leo & The Sun

This house is associated with creativity and pleasure. It adds the fun and freshness to your personality. It also deals with children and romance. Planets placed here bestow artistic expressions. And planets which transit this house delivers all your fun-filled moments!

This house helps you raise your potential and confidence. It is also the house of luck, fun, and casual love affairs. It also covers casual sex or physical intimacy.

The Sixth Astrological House: The Health And Services

Naturally Ruled By- Virgo & Mercury

During the Kundali making by date of birth, astrologers carefully outline this house and its planets, as it deals with your health. It corresponds to fitness, daily routines, and wellness. The first house shows the body you are born with, and the sixth house shows the body you develop by your life choices.

The Seventh Astrological House: The Partnership

Naturally Ruled By- Libra & Venus

It comes opposite to your first house of self, so from 7th house onwards native sees other people. This house is all about relationships and partnerships. Marriage, business, etc. can be observed from this house.

It also commands your enemies, divorces, or trials. Libra deals with legal and just aspects.

The Eighth Astrological House: Transformation

Naturally Ruled By- Scorpio & Pluto

This house is all about mystery and darkness. It deals with death, renewal, taxes, wills, sex, occult ability, bankruptcy, losses, individual sacrifices, and clairvoyance. It’s about endings and a new beginning.

This house rules transformation.

The Ninth Astrological House: The Big Idea

Naturally Ruled By- Sagittarius & Jupiter

Ninth house defines the journey, philosophy, and higher education. People whose natal planets are in this house are curious and wanderlust. It shows faith and the pursuit of knowledge.

In simple words, it says -live your bigger dreams!

The Tenth Astrological House: The Public Image

Naturally Ruled By- Capricorn & Saturn

The Tenth House, placed at the very top of the horoscope, deals with your individual story. The Midheaven is rooted in the tenth house. It showcases your image, professional ambitions, and accomplishments

It also heaves social status. It represents a father figure too!

The Eleventh Astrological House: The House Of Community & Friend

Naturally Ruled By- Aquarius & Uranus

The Eleventh House assists in recognizing the goal of your hard work. The Eleventh House is about charitable pursuits. Technology and modernization also come in this place. It is the ruler of friendship, teamwork, networking, and social fairness.

The Twelfth Astrological House: The Dark side & Secrets

Naturally Ruled By- Pisces & Neptune

Twelfth House is just underneath the horizon. It represents beliefs, secrets, and passions. Those born with planets in this house are intuitive and spiritual.

It manages dreams and sleeps, karma and past lives, our shadow self, the occultism, paranormal energies, and imprisonment too! (both real and metamorphic)

Let’s Conclude

Now we already know the significance of Astrological houses and planets placed into it. But to lead a blissful life, you need to see this foresight well in advance.

Get your Janam Kundali by date of birth and name from here, because to unlock your future you must need an accurate birth chart. Get your horoscope now and decode the celestial puzzle!


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